Monday, March 05, 2007

Poorman's Implementation of Multi-Processing

Ages ago I wrote a small little program (Poorman's Implementation of Multi-Processing). Stupid little thing, it allowed me to run multiple programs on multiple computers at the same time. It was a improvement of a program that was written by myself and loads of help from my CS roommate while I was at Berkeley. When I added some improvements, I also added a queue system and came up with Now I could run using more commands than available computers and the remaining commands would just queue up.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

According to this, I never update this thing. I think someone was trying to force me to post again. Well, I was up early this morning to take Katie to the airport so she could get to Japan for a meeting. I had some breakfast and then went to work. I read this post and was intrigued. I tried it, or better yet I tried to make it work. Sorry google, first it didn't work, I modfied the source and got it to work and then found it clunky to use. What was I suppose to do with it. Yeah, I could post from my text editor, but I can do it much more easily in my web browser.

I spent a good bit of my morning trying to make it work, when I should have been working on what I inteded to do: work. So to help out the reason for my time sink this morning, I point hime to this extension for vi.

So the answer is No. No I will not post, at least with emacs client for blogger.