Saturday, April 11, 2009

Weekend Stuffs

This weekend has been productive.

  • Went to the dump (Always a ball of fun)
  • Picked up supplies at Home Depost
  • Paid 30 cents for 4 screws
  • Hung up a coat rack/shelf
  • Drank at the Packy (4-6 on Saturdays is tasting time)
  • Cleaned out the cat's box (Yuck)
  • Watched the baseball game
We tried to hang up the coat rack on one wall, but the studs in the were not 16 inches apart. Well they were 32 inches apart at 4 feet up, but not 6 feet up. The wall is totally weird. We deiced to hang the coat rack on the other wall and it went up with little hassle. The 30 cents worth of screws were used to hang up the coat rack/shelf.

I was going to mow the lawn but it has been raining and it the temperature plummeted on Saturday. It was 60 on Friday, but it is 40 on Saturday. Not a good day to be outside.

We have been looking for Pre-emergent for the patio to prevent weeks, but all Home Despot sells is fertilizer/chemical stuff, not plain stuff to prevent weeds. We also got some black plastic to "cook" the seeds already in the patio so they don't sprout. I do not want to pull patio weeds again this year.

Sox win. Time for another beer.