Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Grades in Excel

Yes, I am using Excel. It does a reasonably good job at tallying grades and summing things up, it is a spreadsheet after all. However, I have had trouble issuing "letter grades" using Excel. In the past I have come across ways to accomplish like this: Write a series of "IF" statements embedded in each other.

Wow. How Ugly and a really ugly function if I got it wrong. I guess I was looking in the wrong place. Should have left out the "letter" when I was searching the interblog. The pretty way to do this is vlookup. Found through, who would have guessed, the Microsoft site.
With the number grades in column B and the Letter Grades in C. No more worrying about writing that horrific "IF" statement, which reminds me of using "goto".

Busy Boy

After posting a record 10 entries to his blog overnight, Eric has ensured that I will not read the first 8. Use your head, Eric!!

Meanwhile, back in RI, B and I bought a house and are poised to move in. After the fridge gets delivered on Wed., we will move the kitty and the TVs and will finally live in the house that we own. Woo!

We also bought some fancy chairs.

Oh, maybe I should have followed Eric's example and turned this into 27 separate entries, all posted at the same time.