Saturday, May 06, 2006

Party, Party, Work

The end of this last week was full of parties. On Wednesday was the Geophysical Laboratory (GL) centennial which included a day full of talks (which I skipped), dinner and drinks that evening. People shared their memories of GL while others ate. On Thursday, Kt flew in from up north to come to Carnegie Evening in DC. There was a talk about Biomass as a possible alternative energy source with dinner and drinks afterwards. People still complain about the dress code (not black-tie anymore) and the food (no more raw oyster bar), but everything was still done incredibly well. Now the weekend comes and it is time to do some work not done during the week. Kt has probe time this coming week, but it should not be as bad as it has been in the past. I have a proposal due on Thursday and some more work I have been putting off to work on the proposal. As I said, party, party, work .....

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