Monday, June 05, 2006

Google Answers

While doing a search for a question I was talking with Katie about I ran across Google Answers. What you do is ask question, set your price, and then a researcher associated with Google Answers brings some calm to your mind. Interesting idea. I started looking through some of the questions. Oh boy, some of these are weird. My favorites are the tea and excel ones.

postage rate for a regular letter in the United States
what's the most points michael jordan has scored in a game?
The price of tea in china.
How many ribs do I have....?
percentages in excel
what type of spider is this?

And finally something useful:
world soccer cup on american tv


j-panda said...

But what is the question that you and Kt were asking?
And did they give you a reasonable answer?

kt said...

We were looking up something to do with this crazy gay marriage debate.
We didn't ask Google Answers anything. You have to pay for it!