Saturday, June 17, 2006

Stupid Dress Codes

Last night I went out to a bar with some people from work. A specific bar was suggested beacuse of the outdoor patio and we were having some rather nice weather. When we tried to enter the bar I was informed I could not enter. Eh ? I was wearing my normal garb, tshirt, jeans and sandals. The tshirt and jeans were fine, but the sandals were a big no-no. Unfortunely, some people we were meeting had already entered the bar. Someone had the brillant idea to enter the bar, get the shoes of someone already inside and give them to me so I could enter. Wow, that was stupid. I returned the shoes of the kind soul and put mine back on, sat down and ordered a drink.

A couple of minutes later the bouncer who had originally not let me in tapped me on the back and asked where my shoes were. Grrrr. I asked if he was going to kick me out for my sandals and he basically said yes. So I asked if I could finish my drink and he was a bit hesitant about that but eventaully agreed. At this point, a woman from our group offered me her shoes if I would wear hers. See, women can wear sandals but men cannot. I decided to talk with the bouncer downstairs and he reluctanly agreed to the new situation. I spent the rest of the night in someone elses shoes sitting at a table with my shoes were not even visible.

I have run into places like this before but this was incredibly stupid. I would have thought I would have been denied entry because of my tshirt, or even my jeans, but my sandals. The reason I was given for the rule was that "We are trying to uphold a image". Interesting. While inside I saw people "dancing", i.e. rubbing up against each other. I suppose if I want to "dance" I need to have the proper shoes, for my own safety. Needlees to say, I will not be returning to this place.

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AuntieJ said...

I suppose a freaky image is OK while a casual one is not.....I guess a smart image doesn't matter!! I'd say you all showed your ingenuity with the way you solved the problem!!