Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Happy Day

It was all setup yesterday. As it was V-Day here in Rhode Island, I decided to fix some stuff in the house, move in a little bit more. I tackled the shower. The shower head that was installed was not the best in the world, it was also using a non-standard pipe. I walked down to the hardware store, got a $2 converter piece and installed the shower head. This morning while taking a shower I noticed the difference. So Much Better. Having a good shower head is incredibly important.

After the fantastic shower, I drove to the main campus to pick up my offer letter for my job. There were some small changes to be made to the letter, but nothing drastic. I need to sign it and return all the forms by Friday. *doing a little happy dance*


esavage13 said...

too bad you are not an engineer, you could do the engineer victory dance

esavage13 said...

I think it might be time to change the title of this post to Happy BirthDay for Kt's bday.

Happy Birthday Kt!