Thursday, August 03, 2006

Locale Change

I have fully moved up to Rhode Island. Nothing is left in DC. I still need to unpack all of my boxes and do a bit of organizing but that will come with time. Katie and I also need too figure out what we need to get for the house. She has been waiting for me to move in before the purchasing begins. She has started to get milk delivered weekly from Munroe Dairy.


esavage13 said...

Does it come on your door step in milk bottles. Brian, watch out for the "milkman"!

BerryOLD Jo said...

That's pretty cool!! I didn't think there were any of those kind of dairys left!! A throw back to MY youth!!

kt said...

The milkman ("Chip") does bring it to the doorstep, in lovely returnable glass bottles. i am in love with milk delivery. but not with Chip.