Monday, August 07, 2006

Moving with TiVo

After moving the TiVo had to be set up. Katie did most of the work and it took her a while, well it took the TiVo a while to determine where it was and get the tv schedules it needed. Cool. it works. Nope, it doesn't. I realized today that the TiVo was doing fine with the cable channels, like Comedy Central and Discovery, but with the local/over the air channels it was having trouble. The TiVo was looking for particular programs on particular networks, like ABC in DC. That was never going to happen. I needed to delete the season pass for each local channel and get the season pass again for the same program. It wasn't all that hard, just a very odd circumstance.

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TivoJo said... all that stuff now before you start working again....oh wait - that is kinda like work in a way, just not as demanding!!