Monday, August 14, 2006

Nintendo DS Lite

Weehoo! I got a DS Lite last week. I had to wait for the games to come seperately, but they finally arrived. I spent most of Saturday and some of Sunday sacked out on the couch playing. The controls are great and it is easy to use, but sadly the Wi-Fi feature only works with WEP or no-auth. I may just setup the extra wireless router as WEP for playing the DS through the WISH (Wireless Internet Super Highway) , but not through WDT (Wireless Dump Truck).

Katie found this one. For everyone that is interested, Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy is coming out in mid-September for all systems, including the Atari 400. I think this is just absolutely confusing. Lego Star Wars was from the second set of movies, but named I, II, and III. Lego Star Wars II is the from first set of movies, named IV, V, VI. Why not just name them, Lego Star Wars (Ahh): The Ones You Love and Lego Star Wars (Yak): The Ones Which Weren't That Good. That would make is much clearer.

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esavage13 said...

<jealous>those games are cool</jealous>, but where is the 3D tetris (aka Block out)?