Thursday, November 23, 2006

Macy*s Thanksgiving Day Commercial

I cannot seem to watch the Thanksgiving Day "Parade" without getting grumpy. It happened last year and it happened again this year. I think my two biggest problems with the "parade" are it is a kinda half parade, half street show and it is just a big commercial. What commercialism ?: first, it is called Macy*s blah blah; second, the current Broadway musicals put on their numbers to advertise themselves; third, most floats are sponsored by some company with the exception of a few; fourth, the channel covering the "parade" decided to bring on actors from their current crop of shows to advertise them, and not show the floats and balloons. If you are going to cover the "parade", cover the "parade". The funky "parade" structure also bothers me. With the singing and dancing coming before the "parade" starts, actually an hour before it starts. The whole thing just seems a bit stupid to me. But the dog show is on afterwards.

Oh, the markets in The Ocean State and The Turkey State are closed on Thanksgiving. The people here take their Turkey Day seriously.

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watching random shows jo said...

I watched a show on the history of the parade and that broadway show stuff is a recent "innovation" to fill the hour it takes the balloons to get from their staging area to in front of Macy*s. The shows all vie for the honor of performing.......

In their naivete, they used to let the balloons go until they discovered that the expanding helium would cause those BIIIIIIIIIG balloons to burst and fall heavily on the spectators. They figured THAT out and then let them float to be found whever they landed - for a reward. Well - that strategy backfired too when someone in a bi-plane almost crashed trying to snag one in the skies over Manhattan!!! What were they thinking???

Now they have helium balloon engineers who figure out the proper proportion of helium and air to mix into separate parts of the balloon so it floats properly.

Happy Thanksgiving. anyway!!