Tuesday, January 23, 2007

You say Ka, I say WRX

This last weekend, I went out to purchase a Ka, sorry a Car. I had decided on the type and options, plus about how much I wanted to spend. With the help of Katie and helpful advise of Consumer Reports we were all ready to haggle properly. I knew my starting price and the price I really wanted to pay, but the dealer undercut me and offered the car at invoice, or what they paid for it.

Now I have not gotten the car yet as the dealer is searching New England for the specific car that I want. I should get the new car sometime this week as well as pics. More specifics to follow as well.

Here is the Car I will be getting, but mine will be Dark Gray and will not corner as well or go as fast. Probably a good thing, I don't need to get to work in under a minute.


j-panda said...

Matt is excited becuase now you can race BMWs!

esavage13 said...

I think you needed this picture for top fuel.