Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Radioactive Haiku

Uranium Ore
Outside My Door, Do not lick
As it turns out I have some Meta-autunite sitting outside my door. Using Geiger counter we determined the radioactivity of the sample behind glass. If you are very close to it the reading is high, but two feet away the reading is not above background. This quick dissipation is normal for alpha decay, which Uranium-238 undergoes. To be safe, we also checked the radioactivity near where my head is normally and I get more radiation from outer space through my window.

For reference, the Russian dissident was killed in England with Polonium-210, an alpha emitter, after he ingested it.

Health Warning: Contains uranium - always wash hands after handling. Avoid inhaling dust when handling or breaking. Never lick or ingest. Avoid prolonged exposure in proximity of the body. Store away from inhabited areas.


Anonymous said...

1) why is something radioactive just kickin' it outside your door? was it left as a gift (nefarious or otherwise?) or is there some sort of mineral case?

2) it looks lime-flavored, are you sure you can NEVER lick?

B said...

1) It is sitting in a mineral display case.

2) I guess in a 20 Billion years or so you COULD lick it. But it may be Lead (Pb) by then and who really wants to Lick Lead.

Lick Urnaium
Lick Lead in a Billion Years
Both Danger Bay J

no spleen said...

....buuuut....if you don't want kids...