Thursday, February 21, 2008


It appears I am not as my evil twin appears. According to "scientists", I may not have the exact genetic makeup (DNA) as my evil twin. To state it plainly, it all comes down to copying. When the DNA is copied it can sometimes be, well, wrong. If a piece is missing or it gets reordered you get differences, some call them mutations. Whatever you call it in the end, the copy is different than the original. This important fact is being used to detect the genetic location of specific diseases, mathematical optimization problems, and why copying on computers, even across the ISH, are checked for mistakes or underhanded evilness.


Anonymous said...

So you're really a MutantEric? (or is he a MutantBrian?) It would be weird if you could actually tell which twin was the original, and which the copy. Or can they do that? Is this a sensitive twin-topic? As an only child, I am fascinated.

al said...

Pshaw. Brian is clearly the evil twin. He did go to evil geophysicist college after all, met his evil co conspiratorial life partner (KT), wears evil turtlenecks, has an evil beard, and drives a evil car with an "X" in it's name. Besides, he just reeks of pure evil genius.

My money is on them being mutual mutants of each other, whereby, they both mutated from the same genetic code (code 0) resulting in two distinct genetic codes: Code 1 and Code -1. Since Brian is evil, he gets designation Code -1, because negative numbers are so obviously evil. Eric, of course, gets designation Code 1..."the ugly code"...nuff said.

I'd like to accept this Nobel prize on behalf of ignoramuses everywhere. Payment of the prize shall be in the form of twice weekly deliveries of nachos...for life.

esavage13 said...

I have two suggestions:
1. maybe alan might be on to something and brian and i both mutated differently from another single source then suffocated it! that would make us both mutants
2. maybe everyone else in the world is a mutant and i am normal.

Either way, I always wanted to be a mutant and be able to blow up things by throwing playing cards at them! Xmen Unite!

Musing Berrily said...

Not to mention BOTH evil...if the events occurred "in utero" as Eric has suggested and he should know since he was there.........