Monday, July 07, 2008

Red, Red Raspberries

Mmm, Raspberries. Out in the garden are a collection of raspberry vines, plants, bushes, or something. Whatever, they are producing a bowl of raspberries a day right now. They will be producing for quite a while seeing how many little white berries are still on the bush. We are freezing them and saving for later pie making, well some of them. Mmmmm.


Vala said...

wow, that looks absolutely amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Yummm! I want some. I hope there's pie by the time I come up in September. (go Sox!)

kt said...

Look how full the bowl is! That's more than the daily haul before I left on Saturday.

Jenn, if this keeps up, we will have enough for 10 pies when you come for baseball.

Brian said...

Oh, 10 pies. I am getting the raspberry shakes.