Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Busy Weekend

Oh, what a weekend. It was jam packed. On Saturday I went to the Air and Space Museum Annex at Dulles Airport with Kelly and one of her family friends. Katie was jealous of me going. I told her we would go the next time she was in DC. They had the Space Shuttle, a Concord Jet, and a SR-71 Blackbird on display. From there we tried to find Arlington National cemetery. We ended up at the Pentagon and stopped the car because we were lost. The pentagon police asked if what we were doing, we said we were lost, so they gave us a police escort to the cemetery. Following that I went to a birthday party for someone at work.
Sunday was the Red Sox - Orioles game at Camden Yards in Baltimore. Kelly and I decided to go early and have brunch because it was a mid-day game. We found Blue Moon Cafe and the food was excellent. However, during the meal I realized I forgot the baseball tickets back in DC, almost an hour traveling each way. We called the box office to try and get new tickets and they told us we could get our tickets reprinted for $5. Yeah. The game was cold, but the Red Sox triumphed behind the pitching of Wakefield. After the game, we joined some of my friends from work at an really good Afghan restaurant. It had the same name as a one in Boston and San Francisco. The Baltimore version was owned by the brother in law of the owner of the other two. Busy Busy weekend.

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