Friday, November 10, 2006

You Drink, You Type, You Spill

Well, it happened again. I was working at my computer having a nice warm cup o' joe. I turned to my left to look at my laptop, then decided I would do something else on my desktop machine. I am a multi-tasker, you see. I went for the mouse quickly, and without looking. Nothing is *ever* in the way, why look. *Smack* *Clunk* *Clunk* *Glug* *Glug*. There goes the coffee, Nooooo-ooooooo. Sh*t, now I have coffee on my keyboard and mouse. Quick, Clean, Clean, Quickly Clean, Save the Mouse, The Keyboard. Get all the liquid off the mouse, Now the keyboard. Phewww, mostly clean and dry now. Awwww Sh*t, the space bar doesn't work now, either do portions of my keypad and pressing "k" now produces "k;", the "l" key doesn't work either.

I have two choices. Fix the keyboard or get a new one. I didn't have the tools on hand or even at home to completely take apart the keyboard. It would also take a while, probably a week to get it fixed, that is if I could fix it. I give up.

I called up Apple for support. They told me I needed a new keyboard, but it is not covered under my warranty because *I* spilled the coffee. I guess if my computer spilled coffee on its keyboard Apple would replace it. That is fine, it was like $40 for a new one. I was told it was going to be 3-5 business days until I get the replacement. I guess I deserve that too for spilling the coffee.

This has happened numerous times before. Lets see I can add coffee to the ever growing liquids I have spilled on my keyboard:

Coffee - Once
Tea - Like three times and with many more near misses.
Coke (in a real glass bottle, one of those tall ones, not the short ones) - Twice

This morning around 11, my new keyboard got delivered. Wow, that was faster than NetFlix. Sweet. Thanks Apple, you have made my life better once again. Now I need to learn not to put liquids near my arms, hands, and mouse.


eric said...

I think you need a coffee hat, like those beer hats! No spills and it will keep your head warm.

Rae Rae said...

Brian.... *shakes head* Will you ever learn? ;)