Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hello iphone

Both of us recently got iPhones and I was informed I needed to post
from the phone. They are as cool as advertised. :)

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kt said...

I am commenting from my iPhone. I can also attest to it awesomeness. Woo hoo new super phones!

esavage13 said...

i loved it, much better than cats, i'm going to use it again and again.

either that or it is awesome!

Anonymous said...

My jealousy is exploding in a cloud calmed only by my happiness at imagining you two sitting around enjoying your little iphones.

Alan said...

Your iPhone is no match for my gPhone. Well, maybe it is. Tit-for-tat: my G1 has no virtual keyboard and your iPhone has no non-virtual keyboard. el Goog and Apple: like apples and starfruits where Apple is the starfruit and Google is the apple. I'm having too much fun typing on my non-virtual keyboard. Enjoy yours and I'll enjoy mine.