Saturday, November 22, 2008

Time for an update

Thanksgiving is coming. Like last year, we are sticking around Wakefield for the holiday weekend, but this year we are having two Thanksgivings.

Thanksgiving#1: On Thursday we are going over to Becky's house for the "official" big meal. We are making mashed potatoes, by special request (the potatoes I made 2 years ago must have been a big hit), and a couple of varieties of pie. We may walk away from this meal with a small quantity of leftovers, but the leftovers from last year's just-the-two-of-us Thanksgiving were so great that we need to do it again for ourselves. Brian, in particular, is apparently addicted to stuffing at this time of year. So,

Thanksgiving #2: I happened to be a lucky winner of the turkey lottery at Casey Farm. They raise organic, free-range, humanely treated, heritage turkeys on this local farm (in addition to much other delicious food), and this year we are getting one. Unlike commercial turkeys, these turkeys actually know how to have sex. On Friday, we will have a second Thanksgiving featuring this special bird and many of the big-hit recipes from last year's big meal. Stuffing included. And maybe I will finally make a pie from the nummy raspberries that have been in our freezer since summer.


BerryJo said...

I agree that the time for a new post was ripe!! I check all the time but have no room for the pointing of fingers since my own blog was last updated in 2007. Perhaps I will be inspired!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Katie.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Congrats on the turkey, and I will be dreaming of your raspberry pie. Mmmm.