Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Back and Forth

Spent most of today and yesterday running about fixing code for collegues as well as my own. In between those times I played a bit with the son of a visiting collegue. I think playing was more fun than debugging code, but it involves much more slober. The codes were dumb little things that if not set properly will propagate and create lots of havoc. The scripts of course do not check for "saneness" of parameters, it just assumes that they are present and correct. I guess that is what you get for code research codes handed down from person to person, with the origin basically unknown. Munge.


kt said...

I did not know "munge" was a word. But look at all of it's many meanings!

esavage13 said...

Just to be complete, here is another definition. And we should all also be aware of kludge, as Brian probably works with code riddled with bugs.

Modmom said...

Not always does work involve no slobber. Lots of my Physically Handicappers do and during artic a lot of spit flies. BUT I get to play many games while monitoring their skills.