Tuesday, April 18, 2006

San Francisco 1906

Today is the aniversery of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. There is a whole lot of information regarding the earthquake with a meeting in SF. Movies of earthquake simulations can be found here and further down the page. Many of the people I know and work with were involved in makeing these movies. For those who do not know, this is the kind of work that I do and I am glad to see it getting some good press. Pictures from 1906 can be found here. To note, the story about a cow being swallowed by a fault is incorrect, the farmer squeezed the cow into the hold made by the fault.


esavage13 said...

well, i certainly learned something from poking around those links.

like "By assigning velocities to rock types in the 3D model, geologists can gain an impression of the extent of areas of low shear velocity that are most likely to experience localized strong shaking and future earthquake damage." from here.

It looks like the areas that are either near the water, or used to have water on them are affected.

Vala said...

Thanks for the link, I found my name on there somewhere!

Anonymous said...

Not only that, but my birthday.......thanks for the card!! Not sure which event is more important, but to the geophysicist I guess I know!HAHA